Awards & Achievements

Science olympiads

I participated and won bronze medals at the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2007 and at the International Physics Olympiad in 2008. Coincidentally, both were held in Hanoi, Vietnam. Due to a slight timing overlap and our national team’s policy I was unable to attend both in the same year.

I also participated in the International Linguistics Olympiad 2008 in Slanchev Bryag, Bulgaria. This competition focuses on mathematical and theoretical linguistics, meaning that analytical thinking, pattern recognition and general problem solving skills are more important than knowledge of popular languages.


I received the Prešeren award for my master’s thesis, given to top students finishing the second Bologna cycle.

For my work on Orange I received a national Award for contribution to sustainable development of society. This award was given to Slovenia students with extraordinary achievements that have a positive economic, social or ecological impact. In my case, the program I was working on was used for identifying the connection between expression of certain genes and several different types of cancer.